Post #1

My name is Felicia Seagle, I am from Clovis California. I am studying Social Work with a minor in communications. I chose to add this minor because I find all the classes so interesting and helpful for my future work. I love the water, I can swim everyday if I could, it’s where I am the most calm. I love it so much that I became a life guard 4 years ago. I’m getting married in October so I am really excited about that. 

In chapter 1 there is a section talking about reasons to study intercultural communications and found that to be so fun to read. They bring up a definition called multicultural worldview and it means to be someone who has an open-minded, worldly, and open to diversity. As a social worker I need to be able to work with sorts of being beings different in race, gender, sexual orientation and this was nice to read about to strive to be a person that is understanding in all things.  In Chapter 2 they discuss cultural mores, which means a cultures norms, values, and customs. When I think of this I go back to when my family was going to a Hmong ward in Fresno. I went to school Hmong people but never knew what the culture was till I got into the ward. The external components were easy to pick up on, like most foods they ate had spices and boiled which I fell in love with  and with religion out side of the LDS faith, the main religion was Shomminism which was interesting to learn about. I think the thing that got me were more of the internal components that gave me a hard time. For example I pointed at the moon once and my friend got really mad because it was bad luck to point at the moon because it meant your hair would chopped off by a ghost in the middle of the night.